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Listed below are Casey Fae Hewson’s books:

haven river

Sixteen-year-old Luke Conway is in his last year of high school in the harbour side town of Haven River.

Writing is Luke’s life. All he wants to do is be a journalist and write stories about storm chasers.

But Ryan, Luke’s protective older brother and guardian, has other ideas.

When Luke meets newcomer to town, the mischievous Jamie Pascoe, his world is turned upside down.

Tragedy strikes and Luke is catapulted down a path of self-destruction.

Can Luke overcome the odds pitted against him? To make Jamie proud of him. To hold on tight to his family. To follow his dream on his own terms.

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What people are saying about Haven River

“I have just enjoyed reading Casey Fae Hewson’s first novel Haven River and look forward to her next novel.

Using the fictitious setting of Haven River in New Zealand, the story explores the interplay of five brothers and how their relationship changes when Jamie enters their lives.

A delightful story – which in my case – rekindles the delicate and precarious path of young love. The narrative explores a love of books and writing and overcoming major events in life, all skillfully woven into the plot.

I would recommend Haven River to anyone wanting an undemanding read that has true empathy with discovering love for the first time.”

A Satisfied Reader, Wellington, New Zealand


“Haven River is a heartwarming, Young/New Adult Romance story. The story centers around a family of five brothers: Twins, Luke and Quinn, youngest brother Braydon, second eldest, Marcus and, keeper of the family and eldest brother, Ryan.

Having lost their parents in an accident, Ryan has become the strict disciplinarian necessary to take over responsibility for the family and raise his four brothers. This of course, more often than not, makes him the bad guy.

But it is Luke who the story is really about. Luke, who most often clashes with Ryan. Luke, the odd one, the one who wants to be a writer. Luke, who other than Quinn, none of them can relate to; especially Ryan.

Luke: The one you will fall in love with somewhere around page five!

That is, until he meets Jamie. Jamie, who not only believes in him but defends his being different and desperately tries to make Ryan understand that Luke is wonderfully talented, just in a different way.

For fear of giving something away, I’ll not say anything more about this straight forward, but wonderful plot that will pull you in from the very beginning. And, as it does, unless you have no heart, you’ll fall madly in love with Luke and Jamie and find yourself cheering them on with each page turn.

My recommendation: A warm, well written romance story that should be added to your “want to read” list. 5 stars!”

Bob Boze, USA

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aqua bay

Nerissa Taylor’s heart lies in the spectacularly beautiful Aqua Bay. As an eco-tour guide she proudly showcases the pristine bay and dolphins she loves to the many tourists who visit the area.

All that is about to end as she prepares to move to the city and marry her fiancé, Scott.

Geologist Jackson Darnell, hiding behind a cavalier attitude to avoid the pain of his past, arrives in the area to investigate oil exploration possibilities.

When Nerissa and Jackson’s paths cross, sparks fly and loyalties are tested.

As tensions rise, and she faces a frightening unresolved issue from her past, Nerissa is forced to question exactly what she wants in life.

How far will Nerissa go to protect Aqua Bay and the precious dolphins she loves?


what people are saying about aqua bay

I had the distinct privilege of beta reading Aqua Bay for Casey. So, I guess you could say I got a sneak peek preview. Even in its raw form, before she finished editing and honing the story, Casey’s ability to build wonderful characters and a great story pulled me in. Something that seldom, if ever happens when I’m concentrating on finding errors and making sure all the dots are connected.

Once you start into Aqua Bay, the first thing that will draw you in will be the amazing descriptions of Aqua Bay and New Zealand. Casey’s love for the beauty of her country and its sea life come shining through, as she builds Aqua Bay in the image of where she lives. This, if nothing else, would pull you in and make you want to read further. (And, book your airline ticket to New Zealand.) Ah, but there is so much more!

Next, you’ll meet Nerissa. A young woman who works in Aqua Bay as an eco-tour guide. A young woman who cherishes her dolphins and the lovely bay where she lives and works. And, who wouldn’t want Nerissa’s job? Oh, talk about everyone’s dream location and job!

However, soon, Nerissa will be tested. Tested by her fiancé Scott, with their plans that she move to the city with him so he can pursue his career, while Nerissa takes up her wifely duties in the large house they’ve planned to build. 

As Nerissa struggles to convince herself that moving to the city and giving up Aqua Bay is the right thing to do, along comes Jackson, and his American oil exploration company. Full of himself Jackson, who couldn’t care less about destroying the place she loves and the dolphins that are her life.

Will Nerissa turn her back on everything she loves and holds dear and just move to the city? Of course not. But, life will not be that simple. Protecting the things she loves will have a price. A steep price. A price that includes changing who she is, losing friends and sacrificing one set of cherished things for another.

Will she choose right? You’ll just have to read this amazing story to find out. And trust me, you’ll not be sorry. 

A fantastic romance story by a brilliantly talented writer and story teller. Easily worth more than five stars.

Bob Boze, USA