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Casey Fae Hewson has always loved to write stories.

In 2014 she got serious about her writing and drafted her first novel, a Young Adult contemporary romance, which was published in 2016.

She is currently writing an adult contemporary romance which is set in spectacularly beautiful New Zealand, and she is also editing her next novel.

When she writes Casey draws on the natural beauty of her hometown, Blenheim, New Zealand which is surrounded by hills, vineyards and olive trees, and bathes in endless sunshine.

When she’s not writing she’s reading from her extensive collection of romance, drama, thriller, horror, Young Adult and biography. “As I can’t live in a library, I’ve created the next best thing – my own library.”

Her favourite authors are Markus Zusak, S E Hinton, Dean Koontz, Fiona McIntosh , Peter Watt and Bob Boze.

Speaking of Bob, Casey is currently underway with her next writing adventure – co-authoring Light My Way with Bob. Learn all about Bob’s books here.

She is a member of Romance Writers New Zealand and the San Diego Writers and Editors Guild.

When not writing and reading, Casey is in the garden, mountain biking, walking on the beach, listening to music or trying to keep her crazy cat under control!

She splits her time between New Zealand and San Diego, USA.

Connect with Casey on Twitter @caseyfae and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/caseyyawriter.