From the To be Read pile, which one do I choose now?

Start from the bottom or

The most colourful cover of the book on top?

Dependent on mood? – romance, thriller, biography, drama, Young Adult

Or title – Suddenly One Summer, The Seven Sisters, After the Crash, Dreams

I pick one up from the middle

An author I haven’t read before


I study the cover

Small bites of the journey

Ready for embarkation…

I turn to the back of the book…

What is this book about? Who are the characters? Where is it set? What time? Reviews?

I lift the book to my face.

Deep breath…

New book smell! Paper…


I turn to the inside back – how many pages?

A quick calculation – how long will it take to read

Before I can start the next book.

Chapter 1, Page 1…

A new journey has begun…

What do you like best about starting a new book?