I’ve learnt just about everything I know about how to write and how to be a good writer from websites.

There are so many out there, but there are some I keep going back to over and over.

It always astounds me as to how many writers are willing to share their knowledge and have spent hours and hours writing blogs.

What do I think is a good writer’s resource website:

  • topical
  • a different take on the norm
  • posts that are not too long
  • posts that are visually appealing with photos and text broken up with headings and numbering or bullet points
  • provides useful information
  • the author responds back to comments.

These are the my five top websites:

The Kill Zone

While this website is aimed at mystery and thriller writers many of the tips can be applied to writing in general.

Fiction University

Jody Hedlund

There are so many resources on these two websites it’s hard to know where to start. I get lost for hours on these websites!

Writers Helping Writers

OMG! This would have to be the best website. This is my go-to when I need information about character arcs, wounds, flaws, backstory, and setting descriptions. I have downloaded all of the books and are using them a lot.

K M Weiland

Another great website full of so many things to help writers write!

What are your top writer resource websites?