Rejoin CJ and Shawn, Shannon and Bert, Matt and Christine and the rest of the cast as they navigate through new challenges.

Meet a delightful new couple, Alice and Shane, who will have you laughing at their antics.

Prepare for the ultimate sensory ride as food and travel becomes centrepoint again.

Dreams twists and turns slowly and at other times races away taking the reader through an upheaval of emotions, everything from ‘feel-good’ to ‘oh no’. Dreams will leave you smiling for most part, but teary at other’s.

It’s hard to keep the momentum in a series flowing and something I find a lot of authors never quite manage to pull off. Not so with The Horses trilogy. Bob has done more than a wonderful job of keeping each book interesting with good pacing. One of a very few series I’ve read where the next book is an improvement on the last and where symbolism and connections are carried well throughout.

I was sad to leave the sisterhood behind but there’s always hope that the next generation story is about to be told…

Dreams is the stunning end to a stunning trilogy.