J K Rowling writes in a coffee shop.

Stephen King suggests writing anywhere where there’s a door you’re willing to shut.

One woman writes in her wardrobe. It’s the only place where she can work undisturbed without interruptions from her young family.

where do i write?

Anywhere and everywhere and it depends on how I’m feeling too.

If I’m in a solitary frame of mind, I need to write alone.

If I need to feel energised or want to study people (in cognito, of course!) I’ll write in a cafe – just like J K Rowling (hoping some of how she does it will rub off on me!).

If I’m on a roll with my writing and my day job is taking over, I’ll write on a plane or at the airport.

If my mind is working on a scene and all of a sudden I have the perfect line (well, I think it’s perfect) I’ll even tap it out on the notes function on my phone so I’ve got it captured. No point relying on my memory!

I can write alone or surrounded by people and over the years I’ve refined the ability to block out close-range conversations so I can still write without distractions. However, I can’t write to music. I find it too distracting; I want to sing along. But I’ll use music to help write a scene or listen to music while editing.

in the sun…

I like to write where it’s warm – with the sun streaming down on me. That might be inside my house where my writing companion (Zorro, my cat) and I follow the sun from room to room. In summer I’ll write outside.

I’ll write in places where I need to relax and want to draw inspiration from the environment.

by the sea…

My favourite place to write is by the sea.

I love the sea and its ever-changing moods from gloriously mirror-like and the calmness it imparts to tear-you-asunder crashing waves that pound the beach.

It doesn’t matter what picture or emotion the sea is painting it never fails to help me write – with meaning and with life.

Do you have a favourite place to write? Do you write best in silence or with noise, in a solitary environment or surrounded by people?