Three and a half years ago I wrote the first chapter of Aqua Bay. With months of working consistently on it to months where I did nothing (I was concentrating on getting my first book Haven River published plus I wrote a draft manuscript, Misty Springs) I can’t believe that the day has finally arrived where I can proudly present Aqua Bay to the world.

Heavens, what a journey! And I imagine it’s the same journey as other authors go on. Everything from story concept, character development, the hard-yards editing stage, to cover design and then marketing and promotion.

Some days I felt like giving up (through all the stages). Other days I was so excited. Excited to see my characters start to become like real live people (are you mad when you start having imaginary conversations with them?), excited to see a story unfolding and bringing it to resolution and excited to see the initial cover design work.

Was all the excitement, pain, blood-spilling, cursing, joy and laughter as I got my characters in trouble and then got them out again worth it? Absolutely. I wouldn’t change the journey for anything. I learnt so much along the way.

Looking back on my writing journey, I was so incredibly satisfied that I had fulfilled a life long dream to write and publish a book. When I finished writing the first draft of Haven River I thought I was well on my way to achieving that dream. I could then hang up my pen and pad and go explore something else in the world. But the writing bug wouldn’t quit and while reading an article about a mermaid and the next day an article about deep sea oil drilling and the serious consequences this could have to the New Zealand environment, the seed of a story formed. Nerissa started out as a mythical mermaid, but I eventually turned her into a real live person with a real live goal of protecting Aqua Bay and her beloved dolphins.

I read somewhere that readers are more likely to purchase a book if the author has written more than one. As much as I loved writing, my heart sank when I read this. You mean I have to write another book, thinking about the mix of joy and trauma I went through with Haven River.

I’ve never regretted writing or publishing either Haven River or Aqua Bay.

I hope you enjoy reading Aqua Bay (and Haven River). Purchasing options are on the home page.

Now what should I do? Umm, I have an idea for a story. It’s set in the gorgeous  scenery of the Marlborough vineyards, a heroine whose fiance commits the ultimate betrayal. But what happens when she is faced with a similar temptation? Her belief of what’s right and wrong disintegrates as lives and a business are threatened by a natural disaster along with a marriage slowly falling apart…

If you purchase Aqua Bay, then a huge thanks. What did you think of it? Please place a review on Amazon or the other outlets.