Well, after what seems like forever! Here it is – the cover reveal for my second book, Aqua Bay.

You know, designing the cover is almost as hard as writing! Trying to get the vision that you have in your mind transferred onto paper can be really difficult – to get the emotion, the setting, the characters just right. To create the feeling and the mood of your story takes a lot of time, research and patience.

I’m so proud of this cover. It was exactly what I wanted.

Aqua Bay will be released in September 2017.


Nerissa Taylor’s heart lies in the spectacularly beautiful Aqua Bay. As an eco-tour guide she proudly showcases the pristine bay and dolphins she loves to the many tourists who visit the area.

All that is about to end as she prepares to move to the city and marry her fiancé, Scott.

Geologist Jackson Darnell arrives in the area to investigate oil exploration possibilities hiding behind a cavalier attitude to avoid the pain of his past.

When Nerissa and Jackson’s paths cross, sparks fly and loyalties are tested.

As tensions rise, and she faces a frightening unresolved issue form her past, Nerissa is forced to question exactly what she wants in life.

How far will Nerissa go to protect Aqua Bay and the precious dolphins she loves?