Next to reading books, magazines trot along very closely behind.

My earliest recollection of my obsession with magazines was reading Tiger Beat and Teen Beat, which had all the latest movie news. I devoured these magazines from cover to cover and tried to make them last until the next issue.

When I outgrew Tiger Beat I moved onto Seventeen and the kind-of Australian version, Dolly.

I quickly progressed to Cleo and Cosmopolitan where I learnt all sorts of helpful and interesting things!

Reading magazines satisfies all sorts of things in me – the latest gossip, beauty, fitness, food, inspiring people profiles, motivational articles and travel articles that entice me to wander the world.

Plus I can never resist running my hands over the glossy pages, admiring the photos and wishing I could write great stuff just like the journalists.

My tastes have changed over the years and while Cleo and the Cosmopolitan have gone I’m still reading marie claire, my all time favourite magazine. And for a change of pace I’ll also read National Geographic and Scientific American.

Because I like to think I eat well and exercise regularly I read a lot of health magazines too.

mindfood is a great Australian/New Zealand magazine that explores a variety of issues that challenges your thinking. It has a great puzzle section, fantastic photography and mouth-watering recipes.

My new magazine love is flow. Although it’s published in the Netherlands, it also has an English edition. And if you love paper, you’ll love this magazine. Its byline is ‘celebrating creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasures’.

Articles fall under the delightful heading of Feel Connected, Live Mindfully, Spoil Yourself and Simplify Your Life.

Every edition is like Christmas has arrived with great articles and little paper treats. Flow also produces special themed editions for paper lovers, which can contain gift wrapping paper, stickers, cards, pop-up houses, garlands and colouring pages.

I don’t think my love affair for magazines will ever change and hope that they’ll still be printed as more and more move to an electronic format.

Do you read magazines? What’s your favourite?