You know when you have the best of plans and they go sideways? Well, life threw a few speed wobbles at me this week so I didn’t get a chance to write the blog I wanted to write so instead I’m posting a book review. That means you get two in one month!

Love is a Pretty Girl with a Cape To Share Your Dreams With


As an avid reader it’s been a long time in which I can say I’ve read a book that I truly couldn’t put down. Love Is… was one of those books.

From its lyrical title to its captivating cover, I was sent on an emotional journey.

Part autobiography, part love story, part motivational, Bob Boze take you on a ride that dips and swerves across the globe on his adventures that beautifully captures his passion for flying, planes and travel.

Along the way he meets his soul mate, Sheryl, aka the Word Elf, who changes Bob’s life by opening up his world to new experiences, ideas and ways.

Bob has a gift for story-telling and unabashedly shares his life learnings that at times forced him to take an honest look at himself.

Love is… made me occasionally sad and at other times I cried with laughter.

With lots of little messages along the way Love is… left me taking an inward look at myself, my life and questioned whether I was settling for second best.

An unforgettable and absorbing story this book came into my life when I needed it and is right up there with some of the most inspirational books I’ve read.

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