When I was on Twitter last month I came across a really cool thing! A photo had been posted of someone who had stacked some books on top of one another. What’s so great about that? Well, nothing. Until you read the book titles and they told a story. I would show the photo here but I’d probably be breaking copyright and the story may be a little offensive to some people.

The whole idea inspired me to do the same. I have a truck load of books and it didn’t take long for me to find enough books to make a story. And here it is!


If you can’t quite read it this is what it says:

Dear John

The Hardest Part of Love

Every Time We Say Goodbye

Your Heart Belongs to Me

Missing You



I’m going to make this a challenge so if you’d like to join then hop on board. I’ll also be devising some theme challenges as well.

If you’d like to participate add a comment below and let us know where you’ve posted it to (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) with the hashtag #booktitlestory.

Are you up for the challenge?