Last week I achieved three milestones.

Haven River – now on amazon!

Haven river - final - small

From its launch in May 2016 to February 2017, Haven River was available at a number of outlets for free (and why I made it free will be the subject of an upcoming post).

My intention was to keep it free until I published my second novel, Aqua Bay, this year.

Even though I think I’ve streamlined the process, I feel like it’s taking a lot longer to work through the editing than I thought it would (or am I just really impatient?). So last weekend I decided that waiting until possibly the end of 2017 was too long for Haven River to remain free. Why? I’m a starving artist and need the money! No, not really! However, I did believe that it was time to start to see if I could make just a little bit of money. I did feel guilty about this, but Haven River had been free for over eight months and I had soft-marketed it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

So on Tuesday I uploaded to Amazon and I’ve sold my first copy! Yes!

i participated in my first author interview

Rebecca Howie, Read a Lot, and author of The Game Begins had been looking for authors to interview. I put my hand up and voila! she accepted me. Hit the link to read the interview and hang out at Rebecca’s site. I have returned the favour and I’ll be interviewing Rebecca later this month.

i’m now on instagram!


Having spent most of 2016 getting to grips with Facebook and Twitter for the first time, I’m now on Instagram.

I love the idea of telling a story or expressing emotions through photos. As much as I love words it’s a welcome break to be able to say something with just a photo.

My initial photos have unintentionally resulted in a theme – inspiration to help me write.

I love to walk and mountain bike and it’s during these time that I draw so much inspiration from nature. Reflecting on these photos also makes me realise what a beautiful place I live in.

My Instagram thingy is caseyfae8917.

So I can’t help thinking I’ve got to February and already I’ve achieved at least three goals I’d roughly written down to cross off in 2017.

How are your 2017 goals going?