Every author needs to have a newsletter – apparently!

Producing a newsletter was way down my list of ‘things to do’.

In 2016 I wrote and published my first book, Haven River, started a blog and joined social media. That was enough for me to manage. I had no head space left to look at any other tools to add to my author platform.

Last year I attended a social media conference and the word ‘newsletter’ kept coming up. The big questions I had were:

  • did I really need one and, if so,
  • what did I put in it that I wasn’t already blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting about?

yes, you need a newsletter


A newsletter creates connections with your readers.

Author Tess Wood explains:

…”your newsletter is free marketing that keeps you front of people’s minds between your book releases and it’s a great way to promote your latest news.”

A newsletter also forms the purpose of growing your email list (which is apparently really important too!). Joel Friedlander at The Book Designer makes a great case here.

The best description so far:

Newsletters are an ‘insiders’ club and who doesn’t want to be on the inside?

So what do i put in my newsletter?


Articles that are informative and/or entertaining.

This can include:

  • answering a reader’s question
  • behind the scenes
  • solving a problem
  • round up of most popular blog posts
  • infographics
  • surveys
  • exclusive content
  • a short story
  • a book review
  • update on your latest book
  • update on your current work in progress

Yes, I can do this!

The newsletter process begins

So now I’m playing catch-up. I should’ve had an opt-in newsletter subscriber button on my website ages ago but, hey, better late than never!

In the last week I’ve been learning how to use Canva, the most coolest free publication design website ever (why did I not know about this before?).

I now also have a MailChimp account and loaded my opt-in form for my newsletter, The Romantic Heart.

I’m as keen as mustard to start designing a newsletter to share my writing and reading life with my readers.

sign up for the romantic heart


Now comes the grovelly part – I need someone to send The Romantic Heart to.

I’d love you to be the first to receive my newsletter! If you by-passed the form when it first popped up, please send me an email  asking to be subscribed to the newsletter.

Newsletters help authors connect with their readers to provide exclusive ‘insiders’ material that is informative and/or entertaining.

Please feel free to share your views on author newsletters and if you have a newsletter you’re welcome to leave a link below!