Over the holidays I got to do more of an activity that is my absolute passion – reading! I read a total of six books across different genres.

I love this time of the year – no work and sunny days where I can sit on the porch and just read, read read.

Good reads reading challenge


Last year was the first year I was on goodreads (both as a reader and a writer) and dove right in and participated in the reading challenge.

I read 60 out of 70 books, which I thought was pretty good, and am aiming for the same amount again this year (maybe I was a bit ambitious with last year’s target).

other reading challenges


I discovered through Pinterest that there was a tonne of other reading challenges (why did I not know about this before?). This caused me a great deal of excitement – I love the challenge of being able to read something from a list and tick it off (I’m a list fanatic!).

I studied the lists with a feeling of trepidation. I liked some of the challenges on one list, some on another and some still yet on another! What a dilemma! Now I’m a girl who doesn’t like constraints and am a true Gemini – I need lots of variety. So I decided that apart from the goodreads reading challenge I would do bits and pieces from other reading challenges. Nothing like a good old mix up! And next year I’m going to devise my own reading challenge.

The best reading challenges I came across are:

Always with a book and Mom’s small victories lists other reading challenges available.

This year I will also be writing reviews on some of the books I’m reading and will let you know which part of the challenge I will be able to cross off.

Are you doing a reading challenge this year? If so, which one (or ones!)?