If you’re a true book lover I’m already hearing you go, nooooooooooo!

But hands up if you have. And that does mean when you were little and couldn’t distinguish between a colouring book, which you were legitimately allowed to draw on, and the library copy of The Three Little Pigs. I confess I have.

As my love of books grew it was never OK to write or draw in them until I was studying. I highlighted and Post-it noted like crazy in text books I knew I’d never refer to again. Once I actually pulled a text book apart because I wanted to file away chapters in different parts of my folder. To this day I can still hear the book screaming in pain as I ripped the pages from its binding (I hang my head in shame!)

I’m reading a lot of contemporary romance fiction books now that are helping me to write in this genre. I can’t bring myself to write or highlight in the book. I now take notes in a notebook and take down the page number so I can refer back to it later if need be.

But now it’s OK to write in a book as explained here in Jen Malone’s The Margin Project. Here’s briefly what it’s about:

Place the special bookplate in the front of the book (free printable template’s can be downloaded from the website). Then mark away as you read. When you’re done, share it with a friend. It’s tons of fun to get it back later and see what others had to say as they read. You can each pick a different color pen to write with or use a symbol before each of your comments, if you’re sharing with more than one person. A simple key on the back page (purple pen=Kristen or $ =Sarah) will let every reader know who said what.

How cool is that? And you can also share your Margin Project on the Pinterest Group.

I can’t wait to give this a go – I can write, colour and doodle to my heart’s content and not hurt a book.

Have you come across The Margin Project? Do you ever (shock, horror) write or draw in a book and, if so, why? I promise I won’t persecute 🙂