The Fault in Our Stars

In a previous post I talked about a rule of mine, which is to read the book before I see the movie.

And I think I’m half-way there to breaking the rule.

I try to avoid movies that I know will be hyped up. After reading one review of how teenage girls would be crying in the movie aisles after watching The Fault in Our Stars, I was determined to wait until the hysteria had passed.

John Green seemed to be the flavour of the month so I decided to read Paper Towns instead. I enjoyed it, particularly the road trip, but the book didn’t grab me like I thought it would.

So how would The Fault in Our Stars fare? The book ended up in the ‘to be read’ pile. The months passed and one night The Fault in Our Stars was the feature movie on TV. I was at a crossroads. Read the book and then watch the movie? Or do I break out of my comfort zone and watch the movie first?

I caved in and watched the movie. It pulled me in; it had an emotional impact (OK, so I cried) and even though I knew someone would die it wasn’t who I was expecting.

The movie left me feeling a little wrung out, but it was enjoyable nonetheless.


So the question is now: Do I still read the book? Is the movie different to the book? Will the book make me cry or deliver that emotional punch I look for in Young Adult books?