One of the all-time favourite things I love to do is browse in bookshops.

I usually head straight to the table that has the new releases on it – and it’s great that there are enough writers out there to keep the new releases table nicely ticking over.

My heart does little skipping beats of anticipation. I almost squeal when I see a new book from a favourite author. Maybe it’s an enticing cover that draws me in or sometimes my hand hovers over an unusual or cool name, like Rainbow Powell.

I’m now looking for my next Young Adult read. There’s so many books, and like most of you I have to choose my reading material carefully – only so many hours in the day and sadly, only so much money!

Already some books are being lauded in the category of best Young Adult fiction for 2016.

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What great new release have you read in 2016?

Tell us what you’re reading!