books by casey fae hewson

just released! misty springs

Emily Seymour sat in her favourite spot on Red Hill, looking down at the alpine village of Misty Springs. Glancing at her disfigured hand, she wonders if she’ll ever be able to put aside her insecurities from the accident and her broken engagement and rebuild her life.

Ricky Coles, a cocky builder, working side jobs as a bartender, wants nothing more than to lay low, pay off his debts and put his past behind him.

After their first meeting gets off to a rocky start, it doesn’t take long to confirm they are like oil and water: Emily naïve and trusting; Ricky seemingly unable to tell the truth about anything.

But both have much more important things to worry about. Emily’s dream house that has put her in debt to her unforgiving brother and may never be built, thanks to an unscrupulous contractor, and the people chasing Ricky to collect on his debts.

Will this unlikely pair end up proving that there’s a reason why opposites attract and that support often comes from the most unexpected places?

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light my way

Almost 7,000 miles separates two apple orchards, but it can’t separate the bond of love two sisters, Ciara and Moira, have for each other. Nor, can distance prevent someone from doing everything he can to assure the person he cherished falls in love with the one man who will love and treasure her as he did.

A year after a long overdue visit ends in the tragic death of Ciara’s husband, something draws her to the beach in Sumner New Zealand. Away from the orchard; the distraction she’s used to try and forget.

Is it fate or something else that guides her and her dog Macintosh, to that beach, on that morning, for a walk? A walk that will change her life forever.

And what, or who, is it that brings Aidan, a Bonita Fireman, halfway around the world so that a stray volleyball can lead him to someone? Someone he’s sure he knows. Someone that every sign, every gesture, every path, every beam of light keeps pointing to.


The authors invite you to enter this wonderful story of caring and friendship that quickly turns to love. A story guided not by fate, but perhaps someone watching over the one he was forced to leave behind. A story that suggests that love has no boundaries and that it doesn’t end when one partner is no longer with us; that love and caring don’t die when we do.

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aqua bay

Nerissa Taylor’s heart lies in the spectacularly beautiful Aqua Bay. As an eco-tour guide she proudly showcases the pristine bay and dolphins she loves to the many tourists who visit the area.

All that is about to end as she prepares to move to the city and marry her fiancé, Scott.

Geologist Jackson Darnell, hiding behind a cavalier attitude to avoid the pain of his past, arrives in the area to investigate oil exploration possibilities.

When Nerissa and Jackson’s paths cross, sparks fly and loyalties are tested.

As tensions rise, and she faces a frightening unresolved issue form her past, Nerissa is forced to question exactly what she wants in life.

How far will Nerissa go to protect Aqua Bay and the precious dolphins she loves?

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haven river

Sixteen-year-old Luke Conway is in his last year of high school in the harbour side town of Haven River.

Writing is Luke’s life. All he wants to do is be a journalist and write stories about storm chasers.

But Ryan, Luke’s protective older brother and guardian, has other ideas.

When Luke meets newcomer to town, the mischievous Jamie Pascoe, his world is turned upside down.

Tragedy strikes and Luke is catapulted down a path of self-destruction.

Can Luke overcome the odds pitted against him? To make Jamie proud of him. To hold on tight to his family. To follow his dream on his own terms.

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